Chaos Dwarfs

Part 1 - A Brief History, Conception and Inspiration

Nearly two years ago, when Tommie and I left GW to set up Golem Painting Studio's, I decided to take a break from Warhammer (my most beloved of wargames) to concentrate on the needs of setting up and running (and painting for) a successful commission painting business.

This was a hard decision to make, years of avid tournament gaming, and an exciting new 8th edition to play meant I left with a heavy heart.

Earlier this year I decided to make my return - spurred on by the release of a tournament legal Chaos Dwarf army from Forgeworld.

Chaos Dwarfs had been the army I had collected as a young laddie, and, though those models were now lost (cheers mum) they still held a special place in my heart, thus I made the decision to collect an army not of shiny new Forgeworld models, but of older big hatted 1990's Chaos Dwarfs, so I set about scouring eBay for the models I wanted.

And I wanted a colour scheme to match. The Chaos Dwarfs were released right at the height of the GW 'red era', and something that has always stuck in my mind is memories of Gareth Hamiltons (Ratarsed) Award Winning Chaos Dwarfs as seen by a much younger version of myself way way back in White Dwarf 191

And so, as with all our commissions, I set about painting a test model to come up with a modern version of this striking colour scheme.  Here's what I came up with:

A decent starting place then. Next time I'll talk about my first army list, as well as having a closer look at the finished unit of Infernal Guard.

Catch you then