Chaos Dwarfs

Part 3 - Lords & Heroes

OK so today I said I'd talk about the infantry lords and heroes I decided to include in my first Chaos Dwarf list (for more details of which see part 2 -

I opted for a Sorcerer-Prophet as my lord choice. For 265pts basic he brings alot to the table. Stat wise, with 3 ws5 s4 attacks, while not being overly choppy, he is pretty decent for a wizard, but the main key to the stat line is the facts he's T5 with 3wounds and a 4+ save basic - I chose to capitalise on this by also giving him a Charmed Shield - to both improve his save and provide some protection against miscasts.

I also chose to make him a level 4 wizard with access to the lore of Death - with leadership 10, spirit leech poses a very good threat to most enemy characters, while Doom and Darkness coupled with the panic test from Deathshriekers is an awesome combination. Overall I think Death is a very strong lore for Chaos Dwarfs. I also equipped him with the Chalice of Darkness - to help capitalise in the magic phase.

My second choice was for a Infernal Castellan Battle Standard Bearer. Like the Prophet, he is already half decent in combat, and very tough (as you'd expect from a dwarf) - but the main thing he brings is his ability to not only let units within 12" reroll their leadership - but also make any unit he joins Stubborn! I almost always deploy him with the other characters in the Infernal Guard - making them stubborn leadership 10 with a reroll - they aren't going anywhere!!

Obviously as he's the key to the anvil and all the characters standing strong its important he survives. I opted to give him an Enchanted Shield and a Luck Stone. For 10pts this give him a 2+ armour save which can be re-rolled once. I didn't want to go too over the top points wise as most of the time he sits safe in the second rank of the Infernal Guard.

And finally I chose a Daemonsmith. For only 95pts I think they are a fantastic choice. The bring a magic weapon, some spells, and are an engineer to boot, plus he carries the Dispel Scroll. They really are the jack of all trades. 

I also chose to make this a Death wizard, this time a level 1 - this helps me guarantee getting Doom and Darkness  to make the most of my rockets (especially as I now have two engineers in the army!) but also means I have access to two leadership 10 Spirit Leeches. Devastating against some armies.

That's it for this week, next week I plan to talk about two tournaments I've been to recently - as well as show off my Hobgoblin Sneaky Git unit. I also wanted to say thanks to those who got in following my last blog post, has been really interesting talking to people about what I wrote, and Chaos Dwarf army lists in general. If you want to contact me you can on twitter - @mikeygolem

If not, till next week...