Chaos Dwarfs 

part 4 - Tournaments and Hobgoblins

Hey guys,

This week I wanted to talk briefly about a couple of warhammers tournaments I've been to over the last couple of weekends.

First up was the Bjorn Supremacy at the North West Gaming Centre in Stockport

This was a smaller, more relaxed tournament, using the Swedish Composition Pack - a series of restrictions on building your army, which lead to a wide variety of unusual unit choices and army lists. This event marked the first time the Swedish Pack has been used in the UK for a tournament, and, while a slightly complicated system, it went down well and I fully expect to see more tournaments using it in the future.

To view the restrictions in full go to

Personally I took a variation of a rush Chaos Dwarf, based around a Lord on a Lammasu, 2 Tau'ruks, some Centaurs and a K'daai Destroyer. Had a great time and was very happy to finish 6th - especially as I had to play 1st, 2nd, 4th, 5th and 8th places - a tough schedule indeed.

And then last weekend I went to Winter Incursion at the newly re branded Maunsfeld Games

This event was more of a standard UK tournament - and with 56 players, it made it (almost) the last maximum ranking point event of the calender year. I will talk and explain more about that next week, but it made it important, personally, that I came away with a good rest.

And thankfully, after 6 hard fought games, I managed to come away in 1st place. Which obviously I was overjoyed with.

I also managed to pick up Best Painting Nominations at both events - another achievement I was very pleased with.

Onto this weeks unit pics then - and as promised I've got some pics of the Hobgoblins. These were the very last unit I painted for the initially army list I talked about in part 2 of the Chaos Dwarf series. But one I thoroughly enjoyed.

I went for a dark brown shade on the cloth of the Hobgoblins, rather than using the blue/grey I'd used on the Chaos Dwarfs armour - to denote them more as slaves, an make the Blackshard armour on the Dwarfs stand out. I brought the blue/grey colour back in slightly on the armour for the command group, marking them out as separate to the rank and file. This is a good example of how small changes, while sticking within a limited palette range can really add character and emphasis to an army.

 And thats all for this week folk, next week will be the last entry before Christmas, I plan to talk a little about the UK Tournament year just gone and the UK Masters (a tournament of the best UK warhammer tournament players over the past year) - as we find out this week who has qualified. I also plan to celebrate Christmas by showing off my K'daai destroyer.

Till then....