As some of you may be aware we've been working on the Dreadball Kickstarter Teams in the studio recently.

As parter of the Mantic Games Kickstarter for Dreadball, we pledged to paint some gaming standard versions of the teams for customers as a way to help raise funds for the Dreadball project.

This was going to be  alot of models, so to get us in the mood we've been watching the fantastic Friday Night Lights TV series in the studio while painting the models (this may later inspire some Dillon Panthers Dreadball teams)

There was a number of people very interested, who put their money where there mouth was - mainly for versions of the studio colour scheme, in the case of the humans, the silver an blue of the Trontek 29's. We had no less than seven Trontek teams to paint!

Interestingly though a lot of people have requested custom versions of the teams though, following their own colour scheme's, - based mainly off references to real life NFL teams, or comic book super heroes. This is a strange throw back to the original colour concepts our graphics department came up with when we were first approached by Mantic about this project.

And so, here's what we've come up with so far.

Adding inside geek references as the basis for paint jobs is something we really enjoy doing. Not only does it bring us a sense of amusement and self satisfaction, but its a great way to help people relate to a completely new reality! We call these original sparks of inspiration "jump off points" that help lead to final colour schemes. How many "jump off points" can you recognise across the human teams, both concepts and final?

Plus keep your eyes peeled for more as we continue to paint the expanding Dreadball realm - especially with the cool new MVP's

That's all for now