Most people in the world of miniatures have more than one hobby, whether it be two or three mini games themselves, or perhaps a board game obsession or perhaps even into RPGs. No matter what, one hobby will influence your others, sometimes for good, sometimes for bad.

For me I have three main hobbies. I play Warhammer 40k, and not to brag, I am pretty damn good at the game itself, while not so much at the hobby side (its growing, but slowly as I am lazy), I also play a -lot- of video games of all types, from Skyrim, to Civ 5, to Day Z, to Arma II Wasteland mod, to Saints Row the 3rd. Lastly I also play plenty of pencil and paper RPGs, like Rogue Trader, D&D (2nd, 3.5 and 4th) and even the lesser known and crazy ass world of Rifts.

These games do two things, of course one takes away from the time I spend on the others, video games are especially big on this for me. They take up a lot of my free time and I sometimes find myself avoiding heading to my FLGS to instead get through that next level in a video game. Yet at the same time I find myself getting inspired by some of the games I play to innovate my hobby, change my play-style or what I am planning on painting for 40k. Maybe it was some unit in a game, or just the artwork that makes me want to create something of my own.

Of course then there are the RPGs, these also have taken away from my 40k hobby. I have missed tournaments in the past where my D&D campaign is at the same time as it, and vice-versa of course. However Rogue Trader does nothing but inspire my 40k more and more, the lore and in depth look into the world of 40k that such an RPG gives you only makes me want to play more 40k. Rifts.... well Rifts is just a wild ride of crazy things all mixed into one, if you can think of it, it exists in Rifts, so plenty of inspiration to be found there, even if the rule-set is just plain hard to understand (plus its a local Michigan company so...)

Over all, I don't find myself disappointed in the time I spend on other hobbies, it keeps me fresh and keeps me inspired to continue on with this hobby that I love instead of getting burnt out like we see happen to some people.

What about you guys? What hobbies distract and/or inspire you? What hobbies do you want to try but are scared to because it might take away from your 40k?

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Until next time, burn some heretics, kill some mutants, and do it always.....