Here is my First fully painted bike squad

I just need to get a base for the Attack bike.

my review of the year.....GREAT!

2 strong showings at tournaments with my drop pods. Beating the all conquering ORK KAN army in the process.
Getting a lot of my back log of models painted (I can now see the end of my unpainted models)
6th edition. so much more FUN.

what will 2013 bring? well with the imminent release of the Dark Angel Codex that will be my first purchase.and some of their new fancy models. these will complement my Ravenwing and the DV models.

I will build a games board that is easy to store and move around.

I hope to go to the SVA and Carnage Tournaments in the early part of the year. and maybe some other events would be nice.

Have  a great Christmas and Happy Geeking for the New Year