Every family, car manufacturer and television station has one. An oddity. One item which looks or feels odd, or is ugly, strange and against the grain. But for some reason nobody can explain, we like them. Today. I'm sharing with five of Games Workshop's weirdest or ugliest models, and give you my thoughts on why I like them:

Chaos Space Marine Possessed (Mid 2000's)

These models only stayed on the shelves for a short time (2006 I believe  and I only ever saw them once in a shop. Possibly for a good reason. The models, to most, were horrendous, and the plastic kit soon arrived with the then new codex, covering up this blemish faster than you can say daemon-host. however, I think most of the models have a certain charm (perhaps not Genestealer hands). The three-armed Powerfist champion is pretty cool, although I would use a different chain blade. On a similar note, if anyone is selling some, let me know.

Space Marine Storm Raven

Many have dubbed this flying brick the 'Chibi-hawk'. I came up with the moniker 'Thunder-skip'. Whilst its proportions (And the proportions of its baby 'space potato' offspring) suggest it's the victim of a joining of Thunderhawk and car crusher, the design itself if pretty sound. It fits the Space Marine aesthetic and with a bit of work it can look somewhat air-worthy.

The Storm Eagle, Forgeworld's offshoot aircraft, is better proportioned, and my attempts to recreate one show the relative ease of extending the hull so it looks like it could work, even to a minor extent.

Chaos Space Marine Heldrake

Perhaps one of the most divisive of the recent releases is the Heldrake. Some criticise it for being like a Zoid, Transformer or a fantasy dragon. Whilst I agree with the general view on the high price, I still thin it is a great model. With a few changes, I've seen some fantastic models. By swapping heads with a Maulerfiend, flipping the wings or lengthening the body, many have come up with fantastic takes on what is a good model.

Ork Goff Rockers

Very old, and perhaps unusable in the current Ork codex, but fantastic models nonetheless. Orks are known to have a laugh and be reckless  and these models fit that theme (although the Orks of old were more...crazy). Whilst not entirely fitting in the grim and dark grimness of the far future, they are a neat little addition to any collection, or even army if you can figure out a use.

Imperial guard Classic Sentinel

Whilst, in my opinion, this final model is not GW's finest moment, it does have a certain look and feel to it: nostalgia. Even though I started the hobby many years after this thing was replaced by the next generation of light war-walker, it is interesting to see where our hobby has come from and how much it has developed since its birth. I'm sure its worth a fair bit too...

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