I wish you all the best in the New Year.

I also want to apologize for the long gap between posts. I went into Thanksgiving working on some Dark Vengeance Terminators. They were to become the next installment in my little Angry Marine force. During that weekend, I became sick. After the sickness, I have been unable to find motivation for painting.

This may be attributed to a few sources.

First, Advent is particularly busy season of the year for me with regard to work.

Second, Advent and Christmastide are great seasons for enjoying the blessings of your children. I have enjoyed this time with my children, and I have relived the joy of the season in their eyes this year.

Last, I have struggled to find an identity for my Angels Sanguine in 6th edition. I have become trapped between my love for jump pack assaults and a desire to embrace shooting in this favorable environment.

As I already have more than enough models completely painted to carry on gaming regardless of the lack or progression painting, I have played a couple or three games over the last month.

Please accept my apologies.

Blessings and best wishes in the New Year!