The tale that surrounds the sky-hunter of Tzeentch starts off as one of loss and misfortune  but by the end, those who listen realise it was an orchestrated fall from grace.

Sergeant  Imishra was part of the White Scar legion during the Horus Heresy, Imishra was raised on Droga III, and was somewhat of a late-starter in the eyes of the chapter masters. He was much older then the standard recruitment age, but the chapter seers could sense great potential. 

Imishra developed within the chapter, becoming a sergeant of an attack-bike unit, but brought with him a forbidden secret. Love. He had developed a fondness for one of the few remaining remembrancers, a woman named Demia, in his deployment. And she had admired his honesty and trusted him. 

However, this was soon to come to an abrupt end. Whilst fighting a renegade element of the Death Guard, the remembrancer was killed in an artillery strike. Imishra was deeply hurt by this; and his one weakness was another's profit. In his sleep, Imishra was visited by the silky voice of what seemed like hundreds of well-spoken people in unison, but he only ever saw one. But no normal man; one with feet of a crow, and a long beak poking out from a dark cowl. He only ever said one thing:

"I can bring her back, if you can trust me".

One night, after many months of the same dream he whispered: "I trust you." That is where the fall began.

Guided by his dream-induced helper, he murdered the captain of his detachment, stole a Scimitar heavy jet-bike and rode off into the dust of the desert battlefield. During the night, he arrived at a small Death Guard camp, slaying every plague-ridden enemy he could find and incinerating the bodies. This is how he came to hate the plague-god. This is how the bird-man gained a new pawn for his games.

After the slaughter, the creature he had followed in his dreams appeared before him; tall and thin, with a long pointed beak and pristine white robes. Beside him was Demia, but how could this be? As the two ran to embrace, shock was written on Demia's face, and she crumbled into golden dust. 

"How? What have you done?" Imishra shouted at the bird-man.

"I may as well reveal the truth. I am the changer of the ways, and you are my puppet. If you wish to see her again, continue your path. Slay the creations of the plague-lord, there is no place within your legion now, but I know of one who will take you."

As Imishra charged at the creature, it too became the golden sand of the desert. Imishra was left alone amonst the burning corpses and the flickering sand.

It is unknown how the sky-hunter came to become accepted into the Thousand Sons, but his talents were unsurpassed when it came to hunting plague-lords or bringing down disease ridden beasts. All that is known is that he fights for his beloved, no matter how far down he has to fall. And Tzeentch laughs at the futility of the man who loved. 

I hope you enjoyed that short story. That is just a little background to the character I am building to Challenge Nurgle Command's creation. As you can probably surmise  he rides a jet-bike, and you know that I am planning to use a jet-bike, but why?

In the new codex, a disc of Tzeentch now counts as a jetbike, not jump-infantry. This provides two bonuses: the first being extra speed, and the second is extra toughness, thanks to the bike rules. Meaning only force-weapons and demolisher cannons can insta-kill. Also, since I already have a disc in my army, I thought it would be cool to go another path, a 'mechanical disc' and the Scimitar Pattern Jetbike is my favourite idea for this. And jet-bikes are cool. So to finish off here is a war gear list I plan to adhere to when building my character, which is under the 200 point spend and meets the criteria:

HQ-Chaos Lord

  • Mark of Tzeentch
  • Disc of Tzeentch
  • Power Axe
  • Burning brand of Skalathrax
  • Gift of mutation
  • Sigil of corruption
  • Ichor Blood
  • Meltabombs
I hoped you've enjoyed today's post, and remember, jet-bikes are cool.

(image property of Forgeworld)