Time for my second review on the AE WWII Starter forces from Blackball Games.
The more I look into this game, the more I like it. That cant be a bad thing.
Today I will be running over the  -

German Geneticists Starter Force

Above you can see the packaging of the German Starter. On the front is a selection of painted miniature photos showing you exactly what you get in the pack.
Turn the box over and you find all the models in clear compartments. I think this is a great thing as it lets you check for parts and any mistakes or such before you buy. Lots of mini companies don't do that with boxed sets.
In the box you get a sheet of Quick Start rules, 3 Emaciated troopers, 1 Mad Doc, 1 NCO and 2 Greatcoats. Plus bases and several different weapon options.
Lets have a closer look at each type on its own.

Emaciated Trooper
These are some of the crazy, drug powered, tech enhanced weapons of the German force. A scary sight to see across the battlefield.
Here you can see the selection of parts included in the Troopers set. The 3 bodies are the same but there are 2 heads and sets of arms, each with 2 different designs. This lets you mix up the unit to have several different models using the same set.
The bodies are nicely detailed but do have a mould line running around them as you can see in the picture below. The heads and arms are on sprues so will need cleaning and clipping, but apart from that they look like very good casts that wont need any other work.
I love the look of these troops. They have a great scary experiment feel and I can see me using them quite often.

Mad Doktor
 The Mad Doktor is the twisted mind behind the Trooper creations. The man that keeps them going when things turn ugly.
The Dok comes with a min body, a pair of arms on one sprue and 2 head options on the other. This lets you make the Dok the way you want him.
The sprue parts will need the usual clipping and cleaning but are very good quality. The main body is a great cast. No problems or cleaning need what so ever. Just stick and go!
This model looks like the stereotypical Mad Dok and I can imagine an insane cackle every time I look at it.
Twisted and very nice.

The NCO (Non Commissioned Officer) is a troop leader in the field. If he shouts the orders, they either follow or fall!
The NCO is a very nice model. 2 head options and 2 pairs of arms/weapons let you arm him how you want which is always nice in miniature games.
The body is a perfect cast and the heads only have the sprue at the neck and a tiny vent (where air escapes from the mould).
The arms are attached to the sprue at slightly awkward places so will need a little extra time to file but will look impressive when that is done.
The overall look of the NCO is scary and commanding at the same time. The type of Officer you would see in one of those 'vs the Nazis' B-movies

Wehrmacht Greatcoats
Greatcoats are you elites of the core troops. nobody messes with them and lives to tell the tale.
The Greatcoats come with 2 different bodies and 3 sets of arms/weapons to mix between them. This gives you the option of large units of different minis using the same kit again and again.
The bodies do have a little bit of a mould line around them but that is easy to remove with a quick run over of a hobby file. The arms/weapons are sprued so the usual clipping and cleaning is needed.
I do really like the look of these models. The combination of masks, helmets, weapons and coats make them look incredibly imposing.

Price - Blackball Games sent me this set to review so I cant really comment on paying for them but as the price is in one of the pictures I though I would voice my general opinion.
$33 or £22 for a starter set that contains this amount of metal models and different options is really good. I don't see any problem with the cost as all!

Overall- I have never really been a fan of German WW models but these have changed my mind.
Every single model in the set has a great individual look but they still manage to tie them together in the same force.
Some of the parts are a little fiddly but that's just because my hands are huge.
Based on this look alone (painting will come later) I am going to give them

8 out of 10 Badger Points!

Next week will be the third and final AE WWII set. The Psi Soviets!

Hendybadger awaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!