Back in my review of 2012 and looking forward to 2013 post I mentioned that I would be looking to put forward a monthly feature or two. Well, this is the first one and hopefully I can use it to track how much progress I am making on my targets for each month.

All current progress can still be found in the 'On the Painting Table' tab, which will also have links to each months post. All will become clear once we have gotten into full swing. Hopefully.

Anyway, looking forward to this month I will be completing the two Chaos Space Marines Chosen, shown above, in the next couple of days. Currently there is a little bit of tidying up to finish off, the champions head needs doing and the bases are requiring some last touches.

Once these two are finished I will be moving back toward my Trolls and completing my Pyg Burrower crew, which should then see the majority of my Trolls complete (for the moment anyway).

Once the Pygs are done it's back to those Chaos Chosen again and, once these two are done, just one more pair to do until all the Dark Vengeance Chaos Marines are finished.

The final model for the month, if I have time, is Calandra Truthsayer of the Trollbloods (notice much of a theme for the progress of the models?). Once she is done I will have only two more Troll models to paint, which could be one of my post-Christmas objectives completed relatively early in the year!

So, aiming quite high for this month, which could be interesting with real life stuff also coming up this month and my desire to play a few more games before the month is out.

Next months edition will look at what I aimed for and what I actually achieved, and what is up for a coat of paint through the month of February.

As always, thanks to everyone who has taken the time to read this blog. All comments welcome, so please feel free to post up anything you want to say as long as it relates to 40k or Hordes I'll be a happy man!