Chaos Dwarfs

Part 6 - Bull Centaurs

And we're back. After a short break (some would say too long) for the holidays, its time to return to blogmosphere.

I'm going to be lazy though and return with a rather picture heavy blog, featuring my Bull Centaur Renders.

I'm a big fan of the Bull Centaurs. I find they have their uses either in small units to harry opponents chaff units, and lend support to the other big combat threats, or in big units as a real hammer unit. Their high Toughness, Wounds and good Armour Save also makes them a very resilient unit to both light arms and weaker troops. For only 40pts a model they are a real bargin.

Usually I run my units with Great Weapons - with only 2 attacks each, I want to make sure that when they hit, they kill, to give them the greatest chance of winning combat, and as they are so tough to kill, the Always Strike Last rule is less of a disadvantage.

Even though I only have a champion and standard bearer painted, it is the musician I never leave home without (they never made a model for one sadly) - the ability to swift reform after running down an enemy unit is crucial to maximizing the potential of any combat unit.

These last two Bull Centaurs have been used as my Taur'ruks in a good number of games (I now have new Taur'ruks painted - keep your eye on the blog to see them in future editions). The great weapon one is probably my favorite of the BC models, as its full of character, while the hand weapon and shield model is a conversion from a old Chaos Dwarf Lord - with only Sorcerer-Prophets as lord choices in the Tamurakhan book, I felt it fitting for this model to get an upgrade.

That's all for now folks, its good to be back, and I'm already planning next weeks edition, which may well be a look at some of my warmachines.

Untill then