Theres not a lot of times i see a new car shown to the public and think "WOW I WANT ONE!", however when i saw this little beauty i had to.

Its the new Corvette "Stingray" due out in 2014.

2014 corvette
I have no idea of the specs or anything but i assume if you ran it over here it would cost a fortune to run! (Damn our overly high fuel prices!)
2014 Corvette AGAIN

I even like the colour, though i have to say, i think i would have to have it in black! (i am not Batman BTW)

2014 Corvette Stingray
As much as i like this car though, it does not usurp my all time favorite wish list dream car, the Nissan GTR from the top of my list!

Nissan GTR *Drools*
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