Hello fellow GW Headz!

As you may have seen from the post below I am Steve (PandorasSocks) and one of the two newest members to the Vox family! I am very honoured to have been asked to join, considering the Scottish one has been after my Citadel soul for quite some time. I am normally a Fantasy and LOTR/Hobbit guy but have been, after much ear bashing recruited into the 40K universe (This doesn’t mean I won’t be trying to sneak some of my native gaming in as well!).

As stated before I am straight into 40K with the release of the updated Dark Angels and I am well underway with creating my own successor chapter and the fluff to go with!

I present a sneak preview of the Angels of Retribution! Ta Da!


The AOR are one of the more secretive chapters and are deployed to seek out and inflict suffering to the traitors of the Imperium and those deemed a threat to the Dark Angels themselves. Obsessed with the completing the will of the Interrogator Chaplin’s from the innermost circle of the Dark Angels, they will stop at nothing until victorious and the target has been eradicated.

“Let Justice Be Swift”

There we have it – Hopefully I will have some more examples to post by the weekend!

Over and Out!