Well, I had a day with a sore mouth and little to do so I did some base-coating of more Haradrim warriors and finished off my Nazgul on foot.

I wanted a model that represented a dismounted Nazgul, so I chose one that I think looks as though he has been knocked from his Fell Beast then without hesitation begins striding forward and drawing his sword to enact revenge!

Same painting style as the other, Black, then Dark Grey heavy drybrush, then light grey light drybrush, then a couple of black washes then a really faint drybrush to finish off. Under the hood is painted Chaos Black right at the very end to ensure there is no highlighting in there.

Striding forward...

Drawing sword...

And here's the back, though it's not very exciting!

So there you go, I now have all three warband leaders done and dusted and one warband painted. The second warband I've more than half finished the initial undercoating but I'll be back to just grabbing an hour here and there from now on so it might take a while to get them all done.