So as some of you may know I live in Nottingham - mainly known as the home of Robin Hood, but also in geek circles home of Games Workshop and Warhammer World.

But if you expand your shpere of gaming outside GW we also have Warlord Games, Mantic, Foundry, (Who I walk past to the bus station), and now Battlefront Games UK & Europe HQ, and not to mention GW's Warhammer World, what was Maelstorm Games down the road in Mansfield, and 3 local game stores in Vague Connections, Mondo Comics, and Chimera Games.

One must agree with Uncle Sam here >

So why am I posting this well I picked up the softback Flames of War rulebook the other day and looking beyond GW's backyard was not as daunting as first thought.

So expect to see 15mm British Paratroopers and Tanks on here in the future!