Took the opportunity yesterday to take some happy snaps of my new Harad army!

Here they all are. I've still got two guys waiting to become banner bearers, but apart from them I've got three full warbands now.

One Mumak with a crew of 12 archers. One Hasharin with a warband of 12 spearmen. One Nazgul on Fell Beast with a mixed warband of 6 archers and 6 spearmen.

Here is the Hasharin warband. They're my close-combat band who will advance on enemy held objectives. They'll have a banner eventually so that ideally each combat will get three dice (two spears and a banner re-roll).

The Nazgul warband is more about defence. The wraith himself will fly off on his Fell Beast to attack and kill and maim and what-not. This leaves six archers and six spearmen to guard either all together or in two groups with spears supporting archers who can stand and shoot up until they are attacked. A banner here will also be useful sometimes, but not as often as in the melee warband.

Here's a picture of the Fell Beast on the board with better lighting than my previous pictures. Hopefully the wings show up more like what they really look like here and you can see the subtle veins and the fading along each wing segment. 

Of course, I kinda forgot to take a close-up picture of the Mumak with crew! Oops! 

Anyway, you get the idea, I'm really happy with how they turned out and if I wasn't a little burnt out from batch painting I'd get the banners done soon, but instead I'm already working on my next scenery project =) A hint: Mini Megalithic.