A week in to February already? Boy this year is starting to fly by! Anyway, it's time to quickly catch up on what I managed to get done last month and what the plan is for the month ahead.

Of the four targets I had last month, I only completed the two Chaos Space Marine Chosen and the squad of Trollblood Pyg Burrowers. I was hoping to have the another two of the Chosen finished, but didn't quite manage it due to one thing or another.

As you can see in the picture above, the two Chosen are well on their way to being completed. What I have got planned for after, I hear you ask? Well, I am going to carry on with my aim of finishing off painting my Trollbloods, with Calandra Truthsayer being the next model from the faction up for a spot of colour.

I am also hoping to complete the remnants of the Chosen squad and finish off the remaining two models this month as well. I have saved my two favourite models from the Dark Vengeance box set till last, so I am quite looking forward to getting to these guys!

As I know I have quite a busy month ahead, completing just those 5 models alone would be an achievement. However, if I can get through them I have one further paint job and a modelling job that I want to get stuck in to.

The paint job is back with my Trollbloods and would see me finish off the penultimate model that I currently have, the Pyre Troll, which will take me away from painting trolls in their usual blue (for my force anyway) and look more to a burnt brown colour, which should be interesting!

The modelling job is the beginning of the making of a Keeper of Secrets for my Chaos Daemons, who will be allied with my Chaos Space Marines. The Daemons allies won't be a huge detachment and will mainly just comprise of the Greater Daemon, a Herald, a few Daemonettes and a couple of Hellflayers. I may add in a few Tzeentchian units in the future, but certainly nothing until a new codex for the Daemons is released.

So on the painting/modelling front there is certainly enough to keep me busy when I can fit it in (I think fitting a new bathroom could seriously hamper this though, but challenges are there to be defeated!).

On the gaming front I should have at least another couple of games this month and hopefully should be able to have one big Space Marines v Tyranids game (2 Space Marines v 1 Tyranid player) which should a nice, bloody punch up, which I am really excited about. Hopefully we can get that sorted and spend a day pulverising everything in sight!

Look forward to updating you all on these models as I get them done. Thanks for reading!