by SandWyrm

Are you looking for some much-needed practice leading up to the Indy Open? Well, Gamer DMZ in Kokomo is starting off their new monthly tournament schedule by running an Indy Open primer tournament on the 23rd. A week before the big event itself here in Indy. And the prize support? It's quite nice for a tournament of this size.

Gamer DMZ
1233 West Jackson St. Ste. A
Kokomo, IN 46901
Phone: (765) 868-8330

Saturday, February 23rd
: 11:00
First Game: 12:00 Noon
Round Time: 2 Hours, with a 1/2 hour break after the first round.
Max Players: 32 (12 Signed Up Already)
Cost: $15.00
There will be 3 rounds for all players, and a 4th round for the top 4 players.
Game Details:
6th Edition, 1500 Points

3 Colors are not required, and your painting will not affect your score!
Aegis Defense Lines & Bastions are allowed. Forge World units are not.

They'll be using the IndyOpen missions and most of the exact same terrain that we'll have here the following week in Indy. You can download the mission packet here from the IndyOpen website.
Specials & Prize Support
Gamer DMZ is using this event to kick off a regular monthly tournament schedule. Each of their tournaments will have the same (very nice) level of prize support for the winner.

First Place: $90.00
Second Place: $30.00
Third Place: $15.00
Best Painted Army: $20.00
Best Single Miniature: $10.00

If you win any level of support, and Gamer DMZ doesn't have what you want on hand, they will order it and ship it directly to your address!

Even if you don't win anything, GDMZ will have 15% off all in-store purchases of Games Workshop items that  are in stock, and 10% off all Games Workshop orders. Which, as always, they will ship directly to your address.

To sign up, just send an email to, or send them a message through their Facebook page at:

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments and Uberdark will answer them for you.

See you there!