Here's the leader of my second Grey Hunter squad, name of Rok Kjel. He's a Wolfguard like Etako with a powerfist and a storm bolter. He's got the pack marking for the second squad on his knee.

My favorite part are the crosshairs on his bionic eye targeting thing, a yellow cross on the red orb. It was tiny and fiddly and you can barely see it, but I like it as a bit of fun =) 

Here's the side with the standard wolf on lava insignia...

And the back, nothing particularly exciting.

You can see the Wolf Guard pack marking on his shoulder pad, though the wolf fur pelt thing covers most of it. I did the shell casings in a bronzy kind of colour just because I thought it looked cool. 

And from the top ou can sort of make out his name on the scroll, though it's a bit tricky from this angle, it looked right in the camera window!

And you can sort of make out the lava on the base of Skodi from this angle, but not really =)

Sorry I didn't touch-up the photos this time so there's a range of funny shades and brightnesses going on here. Usually I edit the picture a little to de-blue it and sharpen it a bit when I use the milk-bottle lamp to make it look more like it does under normal conditions.