A new month and a few new targets to throw my paintbrush at! I managed to clear all the previous months targets which I am pretty pleased about and now I can move on to all new models which I haven't looked at painting yet.

The first of these are the models you can see to the left here. They are in fact Terrorizers from HiTech Miniatures who I will be using as Obliterators in my Chaos Marines army. These models have an awesome amount of detail and look a whole load better than the Games Workshop version of Obliterators in my opinion.

As mentioned in my post the other day, about the Pyre Troll, I mentioned that I only had one Trollblood left to paint - the Dire Troll Mauler. And here he is, ready to be greenstuffed, fixed to the base and then painted.

It didn't take too long to paint the Bomber version of the Dire Troll, so I'm hoping I can shoot through this guy as well and have my Trollbloods fully completed this month. Well, for the moment anyway.

And now I really try to step it up on the 40k front. Hopefully I can get this unit completed to start off the Chaos Daemons detachment of my Chaos army. The Daemonettes of Slaanesh should, in theory, be straight forward to paint and only use a handful of paints and washes to get each model of the unit done. Look out for a test model for these ladies (?) soon.

Lastly, I am aiming to get the King of the Chaos Space Marines, Ezekyle Abaddon, completed and sold off to help fund the Loken and Abaddon models that have recently been released from Forgeworld. It may only get me a few quid, but it all helps doesn't it?

Also, the new Abaddon from Forge World looks incredible and who needs two Abaddons anyway?

I am also selling off a couple of excess models on Ebay if anyone is interested in that sort of thing - 2 x the OOP metal Obliterators and the metal Chaos Dreadnought with plasma cannon and forge world close combat arm.

I'm looking forward to keeping you all updated with how the paintings going throughout the month!