I have had this army done for a while now, but never got around to posting it here. My original goal for this army was to have a lot of LED effects on it, almost every model to be glowing. As I progressed through the initial stages, I decided to scale back to a more attainable goal of glowing for just Warcasters and Warjacks. They are the primary focus of the game, after all. I was very happy with how a lot of the army came out, especially the basing. I wanted to capture a feel for a windswept ocean, with waves crashing on rocks.

 I have learned a few things from this army construction, that I will hopefully avoid on future projects:

  • Working with plaster for bases is a real pain. While it is great for breaking into chunks of realistic rock, glueing or pinning through it is almost always temporary. I have yet to find a solid way to bind plaster to anything else. I would have been much better off molding them and recasting in resin. 

  • Pinning is essential on many of the warmachine pieces. I've normally been OK with not pinning things this small, but my Satyxis are constantly breaking (also thanks to the plaster bases not really bonding with anything.) Magnetized bases also puts stress on them when I pop them off the metal, so this is a case of a few things exacerbating it. 

  • Having a solid army completion goal really helps to drive me to complete a project. There were plenty of things I would like to add to the army, but focusing on the 2 casters and 3 tablewar trays worth of models kept me focused. I may add on at some other point, but these can feel more like expansions instead of the never ending flow of new unpainted models. 

  • A few flat out failures to learn from were the mold fail of the crabjack hull, the fiber optics fail on the skarlock, and my lack of protection for my Deathjack. Ever since he hit the ground, hes never been the same, and really needs some shoring up and fixes. In addition, I am unhappy with Deneghra's paintjob and lack of glowing base. I will be revisiting them at some point to fix these things as best I can, but for now the army is complete enough to play and display.

Here are individual shots of some of the top units. These photos and some of the others above courtesy of the awesome Master of Ordinance.