So, here is the regular update and some anecdotal information for those interested.

3.12.13 Dead Lifts
Warm Ups: 135 x 8, 8  225 x 8, 8 315 x 8, 8 405 x1, 1
·         I alternate conventional and sumo on my warm ups
Dead Lift: 435 x 6, 455 x 5 (Both PR’s)
Standing Overhead Press: 185 x 8, 8  Attempted 225 and got buried….what the frag?!
Shrugs: 315 x 20, 405 x 20, 495 x 15
Stiff Legg Dead Lifts: 315 x 10, 10, 10
Face Pulls: 220lb x 12, 12, 12

3.13.13 Light Squats
….So, I am adjusting my routine to include a light leg day…I  just need to focus on legs more I feel. I feel like I can’t cut my pressing any further and still make gains.

Basically, Deads/Squats on Day 1 and 2…two days off….Chest/Squats on Day 5 and 6 and so on….I do back most work outs as I feel it never gets over fatigued really….save my lower back…which I only hit directly one every 6 to 7 days.

And to keep me coming in for squats I will do Overheads on Leg day and just Dead lifts on Deads day.

With that in mind…

Warm Ups
Squat 225 x 20, 20, 15, 15, 10, 10, 8, 8
*These I played with until I got a good feel and foot spacing and then went as low as my bum peg would let me. About the 5th set I found a good stance I can finally get below parallel…so my squats may get a weight reset and need to build back up again.

I incorporated overhead presses warm ups with my squats…135lb for each etc. I was pretty pissed about missing 225lb yesterday and crushed it today. In fact, I got it two separate times….Fragg yearh!

Rest of the work out:
Leg Extensions: 45lb x 40, 40, 40
Shrugs again
High, mid, low pulls 4 sets of 12 medium weight. Focus here is to make rear delts do all the work.
Left happy….finally low squats (think my hips are finally loosening up in right way and nailing 225lb) 

3.17.13 Chest/Back…Body Weight 282lb

Warm Ups
Flat Bench: 320lb x 8, 8 (PR! X 2)
Pendlay Rows: 275 x 10, 10
Flat Bench Dumbbells: 135 x 8, 8 (PR! X2)
Weighted Pull Up: +35lb 8, 8, 7 (PR)
Incline Bench Press: 275 x 8, 8 (PR)
Chin Ups: 12, 12, 12
Close Grip Bench: 225 x 8, 8, 8, 8
Dumbbell curls: 65’s x5, 70’s x 3

Wow, whole string of PR’s in this work out…felt great!

3.18.13 Squats: Body Weight 280lb

*I adjusted my schedule and I am attempting to work out earlier in the afternoon. Instead of traveling home, getting hyped and ready then going to the gym…I am going to the gym directly from work. On these days I try to leave earlier (3pm) and hit the gym floor by 4pm. This seems small, but this first day I was a bit dragging and think the 40min drive may have something to do with it. I also did not feel quite a powerful…but that is definitely psychosomatic.

New time in the gym means new people in the gym when I go…getting the equipment can be different. I did see a fellow squatter hitting 530lb for a double so that is good motivation…as in my later time slot I can’t remember the last time I saw anyone using the squat rack for anything other than barbell curls with 5lbs on each end of the Olympic bar.

A few weeks ago I even had a older guy ask me if I was done soon…I had 365lb on the bar in the SQUAT rack getting ready to SQUAT and he was looking to do some 50lb arm curls…in the SQUAT rack, even though there is a whole weight rack of curl bars with incremental weights from 25 to 120lbs not 50ft away….I just smiled and said it’s all yours in about 3 sets. He proceeded to go over to the power lifting BENCH and load up 2.5lbs on each end and rip out 3 sets of curls over 20 minutes…wow, some dudes.

Anyways, I was really sore from my “DAY OF PR’s”…especially my left shoulder for some reason…must of tweaked it…sucks getting old.

Warm Ups:
315lb x 8
385 x 4, 4 (expected more…but just did not have it today)
315lb x 8, 8, 8, 8, 8 (figured might as well hit this if its’ all I got this day!)
Superset wide grip pull ups with body weight 8, 8, 8, 8, 8
Single Leg (L) Leg Press with two plates per side for 4 sets of 15 reps
3 sets of light curls in 20rep range….and no I did not do these in the SQUAT RACK!!!

3.21.13 Dead Lifts/Shoulders Body Weight 280lb

So, have a short list of pains. No injuries…but light strains…right (bum leg) knee, left rear delt, and right forearm…nothing too serious, sucks getting old.

Warm Ups
Dead Lifts: 315 x 8, 8 sumo…405 x 3, 3 sumo…455 x 5, 4…405 x 10 singles spaced at 30seconds
·         Felt good, was not long ago 455lb buried me on DL. But, a guy my size really needs to hit 6 plates or 585lb to begin being respectable in my opinion.
Overhead Press: 185 x8, 8
T-Bar rows: 7 35lb plats + 25lb for 10, 10
Standing Dumbbell press: 65lb x 15, 15
Various Mid & Upper back exercises: 6 sets 10 reps each with medium heavy weight
2 sets of shoulder laterals 25lb plate x 12, 12
2 sets of Incline Press 225lb x 15, 15

*Noticing I am attracting talkers lately. I am generally very open and helpful with anyone who asks; otherwise I have my head phones on and do my thing. I really don’t consider myself that strong, but I am pushing enough weight in the particular gym I frequent to be asked recently for advice or about the various scars on my arm/leg. At one time this was a little flattering, will admit, however it’s growing to be a distraction, so will need to find ways to disengage quicker and not make my workout take all day. Besides there are some guys in my gym that move just as much weight at lower body weights who are probably better sources of information.

Thanks for the read,