Now I have started playing Dreadball it was time to pick a main team and uniform.
The Corporation look cool so that was the team picked.
What about the colour scheme? Well, it has been done to death but as I'm a big 'supers' and Marvel fan I'm going to do it anyway. Iron Man!
Not just basic Iron Man (IM) though. I want to mix things up a little and expand on the idea. Each position will have a different IM Armour so you can tell them apart but they still look like a whole team.
As well as the team I will be extending the scheme onto some of the human MVPs.
Before I go into which designs I have chosen, the team needs a name. So far I have the Starktech S.........s somethings.
Any ideas?

OK, onto the Iron Avengers. (ohh that's a good team name)

First up is the Jack. A basic player and a all rounder.
For these I will be going for the basic IM suit from the Avengers movie. AKA Mk VII

Next are the Strikers. I want to keep with the red and gold but I also want them to stand out as skilled players.
For these I have chosen the old Modular Armour. Smoother, sleeker and faster.

To complete the team you have the big guys. The Guards. This are the muscle and the power.
Only one suit could fit this role. The HULKBUSTER!

Every now and then the team are going to need a little help. Time for some MVPs.
The first of those is the Enforcer. As soon as I spotted this model I thought 'Warmachine'. I think it fits well.

Lucky Logan is said to be as old as Dreadball itself. So is his armour. This calls for a classic. But also something a little different to the main team. He will be playing for others as well.
Bring on the Silver Centurion!

The Ltd Ed Gabe is hopefully joining my collection with the Season 2 launch pack in a couple of months. I may as well include him.
Gabes armour looks more hi-tech and intricate than the normal players so he needs a suit that has the same feel. Remember the Suitcase Suit from Iron Man 2? Different, darker, but still fits the theme.

Talking of Season 2, there will be a new human MVP. Rico.
The 'face' of Dreadball. The poster boy. Pretty boy on the pitch. Extravagant, confident and vain. He needs something that looks different from every other suit out there to make him stand out more than he already does. Bright, colourful, shiny.
Warmachine as Iron Patriot in IM3!

So there we have it. An Iron Man inspired Corporation team.
What do you think?
Will they look alright together?
Any thoughts or ideas?

Hendybadger awaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!