These guys were so fun to paint that I whipped through them very quickly. I also planned ahead and made a set of bases for them before they were painted, so they're ready for action.

After my initial excitement over them, though, I have to say these models are quite the mixed bag. The sculpts are nice, and so perfectly what I had in mind for Mark of the Wulfen. On the other hand, the material they're cast in is utter rubbish and parts of the models appear to have been melted. To be honest, it looks as though someone put a flame to parts of the models.

Their hands in particular suffered and several fingers are deformed. There were also a few places on each model that looked like hot plastic had dripped on it after it was taken out of the mold. That wouldn't have been too hard to fix if the plastic wasn't, frankly, complete shit. It's very, very hard and a little prone to chipping, especially if you're scraping flash off like you might any other plastic model. I had to retouch part of one of their legs with some green stuff for that very reason, a whole section chipped right off.

I'm quite torn over them. While I am pleased with the sculpts themselves, I cannot in good conscience recommend them because of the quality of casting. There were a lot more bubbles in them than I initially saw (many more became apparently after priming, I had to go back for more touch-ups) and the mold lines were far too difficult to remove. I would say if you really like them, purchase with caution.

Now, I don't have any squads to stick these guys into just yet. But, I just did a Forgeworld order for all the Heresy weapons I need, so the Grey Hunters will be coming along soon. Thunderwolves and Fenrisian Wolves are slow going. I'm getting a little bored with their fur, so I've only been finishing 1-2 at a time. I have 150 days left until they need to be done, so I should probably start a tighter schedule.

Now, be sure to stay tuned. There will be a special announcement in the next couple of days!