Here are several rules from last weekend.  These aren't from my battle.  Just from a couple of battles 40k buddies were playing.

Damn.  Been about 10 years since I've laid eyes on this model.  Looking forward to my next Belial.

JJ typing, Reserves 40k6 pg 125

Unless stated otherwise, a unit cannot charge, or use any abilities or special rules that must be used at start of the turn, in the turn it arrives from reserve.

Context: 40k buddy was telling me about digital source book for Chaos Daemons.  There are different deployments for daemon armies.  In one of the missions daemons deploy from the middle of the board.  With four objectives one on each side of daemons deployment.  He assaulted first turn after walking on.  The deployment said that daemons walk onto board count as reserves in first turn.

Area Terrain 40k6 pg 91, specifically Go to Ground, our third duplicate.

Area terrain is always difficult terrain.  Models in area terrain receive a 5+ cover save, regardless of whether or not they are 25% obscured.  Models that Go to Ground in area terrain receive a +2 to their cover save, rather than +1.

Context: While watching a game 40k buddy was making Go to Ground saves and considered 3 result a failure. Then removed the model.  Aftewards informed him about this rule and the squad would've had a 3+ cover save.

Split Fire 40k6 pg 42

When a unit that contains at least one model with this special rule shoots, one model in that unit can shoot at a different target to the rest of his unit.  To do so, the unit must first take a Leadership test.  If the test is failed, the unit shoots as normal.  If the test is passed, choose one model in the unit and immediately make a shooting attack with it.  Once this shooting attacks has been resolved, resolve the shooting attacks made by the rest of the unit, which must be at a different target.

Context:  Belial and Deathing were shooting at IG heavy weapon unit and Company Commander.   I don't recall the player making a Leadership test to see if Split Fire occurs.  I do remember that the player had Belial and one Deathwing Terminator shoot at Platoon Commander and the other Deathwing Terminators shoot at a heavy weapons squad that was in cover.  Which according to the rule is incorrect.  Only one model in the unit can shoot at a different target.  Other shooting attacks have to be at a different target.  Even though he shot at two targets he was able to assault the heavy weapon unit.  Never considered that with Split Fire you have the opportunity to assault your choice of two units.

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