I thought it was about time I posted my WIP Deep Wars board.
Going for a wild sea floor area with bits that can be swapped in and out.

The Board will not be staying green. At the moment I am thinking about covering them in actual beach sand and then doing the same to the bottom edges of the terrain pieces to help them blend in.

All the of plants are plastic aquarium decorations. Some have been drooping a little so the plan is to use green garden wire threaded up through them to keep them straight. The bases may be altered as well to make them more stable and to match the other terrain.

The red rocks and blue crystals are Gale Force 9 Battlefield in a Box sets. I may repaint them but I want to see how they look after the sand has been applied to the board. I will be having a closer look at these on the blog over the next few weeks.

The corals and 'Doom Clam' are aquarium ornaments. These look quite good as they are. Going to sand the bases the same at the GF9 rocks. A couple of bits may get repainted but that is just a 'maybe' if they look out of place on the finished board.

Time to stick some models on and see how it works.

A selection of Deep Wars models really help to get the underwater feel to it. Especially having them on the blue Malifaux bases.
I will be taking a closer look at the models on here soon. The last couple arrived today so I can get started on full reviews of the entire range.

I think it looks like a good layout so far but some bits are missing.
Want to add some more tall plants to give the feeling of depth and I think a couple of large coral pieces would work as well to fill out the more open areas.
In the next few months I should also be receiving the Hydrothermal Vents from the Deep Wars Kickstarter. They have been said to be around 6'' wide and up to 6'' tall with all manner of sea life and crystals as part of the piece.
The sculpts are being worked on at the moment and I cant wait to see them. Until then, check out the artwork they will be based on.

I would love to hear which bits of the board people like the most and least so far.

The Deep Wars sea life is nice. And some of it is quite big. But I wanted something bigger. Something to terrorise the divers and creatures of the Shadow Sea.
Enter Vincent from 'The Stygian Depths' Facebook group with this picture.

On the left is the Scaly Horde Dire Fish Lizard on a 50mm base. On the right is the Dark Mariners commander on a 50mm base.
In the middle is the Reaper Master Series Kraken. 1 of only 250. WOW! Its massive and awesome! I wanted one!
Looking at the Reaper site there were only 8 left. Not cheap though thanks to the added postage to the UK
Luckily there is a UK Reaper supplier. Miniature Heroes. 
Tim at MH said he could get one if we were quick but didn't know how long the last 8 would be around for.
Still abit pricey and I cant justify that. Oh well. Maybe there will be one in a few months.

That didn't go down well with the mighty Galley Wench. I loved it, she loved it, there were only 8 left and she had been saving a few pennies.
The most awesome of ladies got me a KRAKEN! 
Love that woman soooooooo much.

Until next time

Hendybadger awaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!