Thought I'd do a video blog about the new Tau, show off a couple of the models I'm painting and have a look at the Codex too. Its a beauty!

Also featured is this Imperial Guard army that one of my clubs members painted... for his brother! Lucky sibling methinks.

This is such a huge force, looks incredible! They both had an apocalypse game down in Firestorm games in Cardiff and Jacobs huge Tyranids took the win, the Imperial Guard unable to stand upto the tide of aliens. Needed some Space Marines methinks ha.

Also a wee plug for another of the Tredegar Reavers members Adam. He's embarked on a business idea and has opened his own internet store where you can buy lots of gaming supplies and miniatures! He often brings his shop to club nights and its proven a hit. You can visit his website here at Putrid Painting. He also does commissions so if you want some mini's painted give him a shout!