Here are a couple of rules from last Tues game.

JJ typing, Moving Charging Models 40k6 pg 21

--- following the same rules as in the Movement phase, with the exception that they can be moved within 1" of enemy models.

Context: Purifier was assaulting Necron Warriors.  Said that Purifier cannot be within 1" of Night Scythe base.  Connor said that Purifier can be within 1" that when charging is the only exception.  The Purifier could be within 1" an enemy model they are not assaulting.

Obliterators Chaos Space Marines 6th ed pg, specifically Deep Strike

Special Rules: Bulky, Daemon, Deep Strike, Slow and Purposeful.

Context: Connor wanted to deep strike Obliterators.  I asked if they had deep strike.  He said they were daemons and get deep strike.  We both questioned that.  Looked it up and completely forgot they have deep strike special rule.

slainte mhath