Antimatter Games have posted some nice new pics.
A WIP of the Fortune Hunters Templar Shadow Slayer and full pics of the MASSIVE Dark Mariners Commander Elluvi Darkeye.

The Templar Shadow Slayer for the Fortune Hunters (above) is skilled at taking out spell casters. A very useful model to have when facing the Dark Mariners or Ancients of Atalan.
I like this model due to the dive suit and helmet that is totally different from the other models in the FH range.
It really makes is look like and individual but at the same time still manages to tie in into the rest of the faction with all the little touches.

Next up are some full shots of the HUGE Elluvi Darkeye

Elluvi Darkeye is the Commander of the Dark Mariners.
He rides on top of a giant mechanical squid boi-construct. To give you an idea of the size the base is 50mm (Warjack) and the rider is over 30mm to the head.
The detail on the mount is just amazing and it is going to be a very imposing model on the ocean floor and a great centrepiece in your collection.
Elluvi is available now. What are you waiting for?

Hendybadger awaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!