According to epic addiction, both GW and Forge World are winding up production of miniatures for the specialist games, which presumably means Epic, Necromunda, Blood Bowl, Inquisitor etc. The new generation producers may be turning up in the nick of time.

On that front, Tabletop Fix just announced there'll be no posting on GW and FW for the forseeable future - too risky in light of the situation with Faeit 212, Apocalypse 40K and possibly BoLS. TF posts 300-400 times a month, and shapes opinion through BoLS too.

If it's true that GW sales grew massively in 1999-2006, they could well have benefited from rising web use. There may be less danger of growth like that in a brave new world of blood freezing in veins. Look at the worry at even a restrained blog like Warpstone Flux.

If the past few months have been about getting GW ready for sale, good luck whoever's buying. Hasbro? PP? Profits might be up - just - but if volumes are falling and the player base shrinking with it, the owner will presumably be vulnerable to ever smaller shocks.

Final point: epic addiction is new in the HoP blogrolls this week. It's how I found it. With the BoLS front page not yet back, blogs may be seeing lower traffic. It can't hurt to be in other rolls too. You can join HoP here, but consider adding more blogs to your own rolls and links in posts and comments. If a community is worth having, we can all support it.

Update: More bad news - the Fantasy and 40K collectors' ranges seem to be going too.