These are the first four models completed for the Absolvers chapter.  I think they turned out pretty well, although the next batch will use a coat of heavy body black (from secret weapon) instead of 3 coats of soft body black these marines received.  I am leaving them unvarnished in case they need some refining later to match the rest of the army. 
The overall theme is a Greek based chapter that is very well supplied but generally inexperienced.  Sort of the attrition, Endor storm troopers model.  In practice that equates to simple unadorned armor and weapons, with several decked out "survivor" characters to lead them.

The Absolvers chapter badge is passable now, but hopefully will get better in time.  I used an old greek numeral system I found on wikipedia ( to create the company and squad markings on their right shoulder pads.  As I am currently using the Space Wolf codex that guy with the powerfist is just a marine, not a sergeant, just to reassure the room I am not crazy. 
Also there is a random burna boy, who sometimes moonlights as my Goliath heavy with flamer in Necromunda.  As you can see, I am a fan of Bad Moonz.  Anyway, more to follow as I am able.  Any constructive criticism is appreciated. Nazdreg was da Ork!