Hi Folks,
the latest modelling project has hit my workspace. The latest being Project Raptor, as you can probably guess this is a flyer based project and is certainly a change from many many many infantry models and the odd Chimera based tank.

The first model that is being worked on is a Vulture with twin linked punisher cannons, this will be followed by a vendetta and possibly, should sales of airsoft kit suffice, a second Valkyrie will be joining the air support.

The Vulture was bought as a birthday present recently by my friends and is one of the nicest things my friends have ever got me. It was finally started this weekend with an awful lot of sanding and removal of large amounts of flash and overcast. Once sanded and the bits organised the kit doesn't appear anywhere near as daunting as it seemed to start with.

Once assembled the Vulture will be getting a matching paint scheme to the rest of the force but will benefit from some hopefully distinctive markings and options.

I did consider magnetising the weapons but given the thin ammo feeds between the hopper and the cannons it is unlikely they would survive storage so I most likely wont be doing that. I will give it a go and will let you know how successful it goes.

So keep tuned for more Project Raptor updates over the coming weeks.