It's a bank holiday here in the UK and what better way to spend it than clearing out the man-cave and settling down with one solitary aim?

This solitary aim is to finally complete my Space Wolves. The last few guys have been hanging around for the last year waiting for some paint, so now they will get the colour they crave.

I must confess to being a little ahead of what I have shown in this post, with the Wolf Guard above being about 40% already and taking shape nicely.

Aside from the those Wolf Guard Terminators above I have left to paint an Iron Priest, a Grey Hunter Standard Bearer, another 4 Wolf Guard Terminators with magnetised arms and a 5 man squad of sniper scouts and a missile launcher.

With that last squad I may have a little bit of green stuff work to carry out - I am thinking of adding a little fur to the tops of their cloaks just to 'wolf' them up a little bit.

So there we are, it's a Space Wolf based start to the summer in the Immaterium, but one that should see my Wolves finally completed, 4 years after I began working on them. Their beginning pre-dates my wedding. Crazy stuff.

Of course, all this painting lark will also be interspersed with a few games of 40k. It's been a long time since I was on the winning side so I am definitely aiming to win at least one battle this month.

In a positive note on that front, I recently had an impressive draw with my Chaos Marines against Eldar. One more turn my have won it for me, but may also have seen my luck with the dice crumble. Very interesting to see the carnage that blastmasters and sonic blasters can do to Eldar who try hiding in cover.

As always, I will add pictures to the blog as I complete units and sometimes will update the 'On the Painting Table' page with some work in progress shots. The blog also turns two this month so that is something else to look forward to. Hopefully should be an exciting month!