Been looking through the Tau book and every time I look at Shadowsun I always think of her, shrike, and 20 Terminators.

No it's not some weird dogging group it's a purely infiltrating list.....

Space Marines & Tau Allies 1850


Shadow Captain Shrike = 195
Libby, Terminator armour, Storm Shield.  = 140

Commander Shadowsun, Command drone = 155

10 Terminators, 2 Cyclones = 460
10 Terminators, 2 Cyclones = 460

5 Scouts, bolters = 75
5 Scouts, bolters = 75

20 Kroot, Sniper rounds = 140
20 Kroot, Sniper rounds = 140


Now it does have a lot of weaknesses, but the idea of 20 Terminators, 3 Characters, and a butt load of Kroot on your door step can be quite daunting. Remembering that Vanilla SM and Tau are Battle Brothers so can benefit from each others rules, war gear and join each others units opens up a lot of crazy combos.

As for the list it self the scoring can be very weak. Using the command drone can give a unit at BS4 almost prescience (don't roll 2's!). I'm not sure if Assault Terminators might be worth it not as they only fight in one part of the turn and with the massive reduction in AP2 weapons in assault shooty terminators might be ok and more flexible.

As for assault all  the Marines do have Fleet because of Shrike so if they wanted to charge they are more likely to make it in (with out Shadowsun).

I would of liked to of fitted in some Stealth Suits but they are really expensive, but he mass of Burst Cannons would of been very welcomed - as well as the infiltrating.