Having planned out the starter force of my German Panzerkompanie, I soon moved on to painting. And with a speed to embarrass a soviet tank factory, I have completed the two Skdfz 250/2 'Puma' armoured cars.

The scheme is a late war camo pattern, roughly following a guide in the Grey Wolf army-book. After a spray of Desert Yellow the cars got a main coat of Middlestone. After a wash of Agrax Earthshade, it was tidied up with more Middlestone.

The camo uses Reflective Green and German Camo Brown Medium. Tyres were painted with black, highlighted with a small amount of grey.

For details, I freehanded some crosses on both sides of the turrets, and scorch marks on the gun barrels. The platoon commander was picked out in German Fieldgrey and flesh colours.

The unit looks great now they are painted, all that is need to finish the squad is to buy and paint the third and final Puma.