This is part one in a multi-part series that is going to look at making some changes to the Wraithknight model. Something about the kit doesn't sit right with me. It feels as though some of the Eldar design elements were put together in a haphazard way - as though someone were told what the Eldar design schema was, but without ever seeing an Eldar model. I'm not saying it's a terrible model, but I think with a little work it can look just as good as it's larger cousins the Phantom and Revenant titans.

In the end, it should make it look more like an Eldar Knight, rather than a wraith construct.

The first thing I'm going to be changing is the vanes/fins on the back to resemble more along the lines of the Sonic Lance Revenant and the Eldar Phantom titan. This will slightly increase the height of the model at the tips by about an inch, as I am sticking to the proportions of the other titans as reference.

Here is my plasticard construction so far.