Time for a bold statement. This month, June 2013, will finally see all my Space Wolves painted, complete and finished. Over 5,000pts of Wolves painted and all my urges to paint more of them satisfied. But what have I got left to complete this aim?

To start with I have 36 terminator arms and a cyclone missile launcher to finish off for the bodies I finished at the end of last month. Following them I have one solitary Grey Hunter Standard Bearer.

With them all finished off all I have to do is add snow to 100+ model bases and my work on my Fenrisian children is over. Then I will try to find a space big enough to take a few pictures of the entire army in one place. Should be fun.

Following the completion of my Wolves I will be putting down the paintbrush for a short while and will instead be picking up my hobby knife, various modelling tools, glue and green stuff and will begin a massive phase of unit building.

I have amassed a few models over the months that I just haven't got round to painting so, before I start a focussed period of painting, I am going to build everything ready for painting.

Off the top of my head I should have two Keepers of Secret (1 GW model KoS and 1 of my own design), a herald of Slaanesh, Chariot of Slaanesh, converting normal Chaos Space Marines into Noise Marines and hopefully building a Maulerfiend and Soul Grinder from a whole load of bits I bought off Ebay. I even think I may still have some construction work on my Dark Eldar to do. If it needs building it is being built this month.

That's a fair amount of work to do this month, bearing in mind it is my wife's 30th birthday at the end of the month and the British and Irish Lions are (hopefully) kicking some Australian ass all month in the rugby as well. Maybe it is time to retire, 37 years early, to focus all my efforts into this hobby!