A horde of cultists march under the banner of the Thousand Sons this day. Today, I'm showing off my recently finished 'shooty' Cultist unit.

I wanted to make this unit appear to be a mix of soldier, renegades, civilians and the faithful. In order to do this, I've mixed in a number of models from sources other than the Dark Vengeance box set. All have been painted differently; no two are alike. But they all follow a general theme. They are mostly painted in light sandy colours, khakis, with patches of blue, and in the case of the ex-soldiers, patches of their former armour colours.

A few are based on the current palstic cadians. These models have had their armour part-removed and damaged, and have had a few added parts. Some have had head-swaps, the new heads coming from Maxmini (WWII German variety). The Cultist champion is based on a Cadian, with a Forge World Renegade Enforcer's body, a renegade's autopistol, and a punching arm from an Empire model. Seeing as he has a skull-helmet and is the only one armed with an autopistol, he shouldn't be too hard to pick out as the ring-leader.

Some are even older models, but are still a recent addition. These models are the classic metal Cadians. These were harder to work with, and so have only really had green-stuff additions, such as face-masks and bandages, a few spikes glued on, and have had all insignia and icons filed off.

I wanted to have two heavy stubbers in this unit, but Dark Vengeance only comes with one. The second is a conversion based on the flamer carrier. The cables, flamer barrel and tanks were cut off. An ammo belt left over from my Anvil Industries rifles as added in place of the cable, and the barrel of a bolter was added to the tip of the gun. The back was covered with a parchement/wood panel from the Empire Flaggelants kit.

So that's one mob done, now it is time to move onto the combat cultists...