Nearly three weeks later Andrew and I decided to play Turn 3 of this game over Hangout.  We’ve gotten together to game a few times since we started, but we played card and board games instead, which is fine.  It seems as if our interest in WHFB is on a decline, due to a mix of no other opponents (everyone else we used to play with is either too busy or has moved) and less-than-fun games for Andrew lately (see previous Ogres vs Andrew batreps).  It is likely that after this game is finished we will be taking a slight hiatus from WHFB and focus on trying some other games, either new ones or ones that we already own and need to get back on the table.  I’ll speak more to that when we make some decisions.

Anyway, you may remember that Turns 1 & 2 went well for the Ogres, and the Lizards seemed to be back on their heals early on.  Let’s see how Turn 3 went…

Turn 3 – Lizardmen

The Saurus Warriors, led by the Oldblood, Charge into the Ogre unit.  The Cold Ones, of course, Charge into the Leabelchers to finish them off.  The Skink Skirmishes Rally and stay put, knowing the Leadbelcher Charge is coming, while the Skink unit shuffles up.

The Magic phase is ultimately shut down, with Flesh to Stone easily dispelled and Dwellers luckily cancelled on a Irresistable Dispel.


For the fifth turn in a row the middle crater pops out a lava cake, but it just, just fails to hit the Thundertusk.  It takes just a few javelin shots to kill off the Sabretusk near the Skinks.

The Cold Ones easily dispatch the Leadbelchers who do not manage to do any wounds in return.  The cavalry reforms to face the middle of the table.  The Saurus Warriors crash into the Ogres, and despite taking 6 wounds and only dealing 6 back, manage to run them off the board, both units rolling a 6 for their Flee and Pursue rolls.  I had completely forgotten that the Thundertusk was close enough to cause the Lizards to strike last, which quite possibly could have meant one more dead Lizard, and thus my roll of 6 on the Break Test would have been successful.  Alas, I never seem to remember rules like this when it counts, so *splort* there goes the unit.  The Saurus Warriors’ pursuit takes them right beside the Ironguts, likely mocking the Ogres in their slithery excuse of a language.  Anyway, in the other combat my initial success with the Mournfang and Ogres came to a (non-)crashing halt when they hit the Temple Guard and completely failed to repeat their awesome prowess.  Instead, through Impact Hits, attacks and Stomps both units only managed a grim 4 dead TG.  In return, somehow, the Lizards managed 4 wounds between the two Ogre units, and even with a Flank Charge the Lizards’ ranks and BSB meant that I was rolling a Break Test at -1.  Two friggin’ fighty, stompy, usually-awesome units epically failed to do their job…or pass their Break Tests…or survive the Flee!  The Temple Guard rolled an 11, which neither of my units could beat.  And in one fell swoop, one harshly failed combat, my best unit and a friend went up in a puff of smoke.  Just like that.  Yikes.

I lost 4 units that turn.  5, actually, including the Sabretusk.  Wow.  We were both expecting things to go a lot differently.  I think Andrew was ready to give when the Mournfang and the Ogres got into the Temple Guard.  But with only a singe Mournfang in the fray…meh…whatevs.

Turn 3 – Ogres

Completely awestruck from the turn of events, I had to keep going.  Ogres don’t give up!

The Ironguts Charged into the Skink unit, just fitting in the gap between the Saurus Warriors and the Thundertusk.  The Leadbelchers and the Sabretusk both Charged the Skink Skirmishers, pushing them right into the crater, although I’m just realising I made an error there.  Oh well!  The Thundertusk and the still-useless Ironblaster move around.  I forgot to Charge the other Sabretusk into the back of the Cold Ones in an attempt to kill off one or two (likely one or zero, of course), so I just moved him up.

I managed to get Regeneration on the Ironguts, but the +1 Strength was dispelled handily.


The Thundertusk’s stone thrower got a direct hit on the Saurus Warriors, killing 4.  Finally a different crater shot lava balls, this time the top right one, but it scattered off harmlessly.

The Skinks managed to drop an Irongut on the way into combat, but failed to do anything in combat before the Ogres squashed the entire unit outright.  They reformed right around.

Turn 4 Coming Soon

Hopefully we can get this game finished soon.  Not because I’m still disappointed in the horror that was the Lizardmen’s Turn 3, but because I want to play some other games and see if we can make Andrew happy with minis gaming again.

My Turn 3 was pretty lacklustre compared to Andrew’s, but thankfully the Saurus Warriors are blocking a Charge lane for the Cold Ones.  This gives me a turn to consolidate a bit before battle ensues.

Thanks for reading.