My first unit of completed Flames of War vehicles. Whilst the Puma cars I showed last time are the first completed models, this command unit if the first fully built and painted squad to soon take to the miniature fields of battle.

The models are mostly straight from the box, apart from the Bergepanzer III. The recovery vehicle started life as a normal Zvezda Panzer III, which was designated as a test-vehicle, a platform to try out my colour schemes. Even though it was a test model, I hate seeing models go to waste, never to be played. So I decided to make use from it. Whilst I couldn't form a unit with one tank, there was one option I could do, covert it! I was in need of a recovery vehicle, and rather than spend £8 on a new one, I customised this old tank into one. The hull is mostly stock.

The turret and locator peg were removed, and a 'box' was added to the top, made from plasticard. Thin strips were then added on top to form the planks making up the section. The compartment was filled and decorated with various spares, taken from the Stug and Panther kits made by The Plastic Soldier Company. The winch arm is made from a paper clip and plasticard rod.

The Stugs weren't left unmodified either. Both tanks have had zimmerit added, a feature common to German tanks of this era. It was make by applying a thin sheet of greenstuff to sections, mainly the front, the turret housing and the rear, and then patterning it with the tip of a hobby knife. considering the scale these tanks are, I think I've pulled off the effect well.

All three vehicles have been painted in my mid/late war scheme. It starts off as Middlestone, and after a was of GW Agrax Earthshade and more Middlestone, patches of Reflective Green and German Camo Dark Brown were added to finish off the look.

Little details include the machine guns, painted in Boltgun, and the tools picked out in dark brown. I've also freehanded the German cross on both Stugs, to break up the camouflage a little more.

Overall, I feel this unit is ready to take the fight to the enemy, and in style.