Hi All,

RedMist here, been quiet for a while again... but not idle. As you know the new Tau Codex came out last month so I bit the GW bullet, bought the book, and dusted off my Tau army, which has sat in a box for over 5 years, and so begins my 3rd sphere expansion.

What a change has been made, a competitive army at last, 3 games down and 2 wins under my belt, against the might of Hendrix's Imperial Guard and Extreme's Grey Knights.

Now Worcester War 13 is looming, next Saturday to be precise, and so I wondered what I wanted to take, well no worries there Tau it is.

Well I love a big beast so what better than to lead my army to total victory than the new XV104 RIPTIDE, and what a monster it is...

My that's a big one...

As you can see I've mounted him on the flying base, why not, after all he has a jump pack. And he's so big anyway that he can't hide on a battlefield.

I chose a clean, crisp look to my Tau, battle green colour scheme with boltgun metal detail. No fancy Tau markings on mine, these are battle suits.

Here are a couple of shots of one of my Crisis Teams, never leave your colony without them...

Next up was Pathfinders, the new box set was full of new goodies, gotta love all those new drones, so built a few to add to my metal existing ones, and a few new metals thanks to Hendrix's son Z.

I started my Cadre as a Firewarrior only one, but with the addition of sniper round upgrades for the Kroot it just seemed rude not to have some, so ebay purchases later and a box from Z again... I have Kroot, and I love these guys, cheap as chips, and can be devastating, just as Hendrix!

So here they are, no cadre should leave Vor'La without them...

One last thing, I'd never been a lover of Ethereals but these guys now add a couple of nice buffs to your army, so in he goes, Honour Blade and all; as if he's gonna be fighting hand to hand LOL. If he does, I'm done anyway, for as we know, Tau don't do hand to hand!

Well that's me signing off for now. Looking forward to seeing you guys at WW13, new and old, and let battle commence... ion weapons to maximum charge.

Red Mist... out.