Once again it is that awesome time of year where CONvergence infests Double Tree hotel on Normandale Boulevard and 494 in Edina/Bloomington.  Bringing my laptop with me for entertainment purposes when I'm relaxing in my room.  Won't be painting/modeling/playing 40k.  There are posts, genuine posts this time, queued up.  Enjoy your 4th.

Kami cosplay 2012

JJ posting,

Chun Lee cosplay 2012

Bites finger.  Damn, Jessica!

Jessica from Roger Rabbit cosplay 2012

Bit my whole hand off when I saw this cosplay.

Black Cat cosplay 2012

Star Trek cosplay 2012

This guy was phenomenal!  Best costume at CON.  He talked like the Joker.  Licked the sides of his mouth with his tongue.  Damn I was impressed.  I've been told I'd make a great Joker.  Perhaps someday.  If I ever cut my hair I will do it.

  Joker cosplay 2012

Kaylee cosplay 2012

Batgirl? cosplay 2012

Black Cat cosplay 2012

Kaylee cosplay 2012

Thank you CON'goers.  Yes, I'm talking to you but you don't know it.

slainte mhath