As some of you know, I came back from Wartorn 2013 with a number of reinforcements for my forces. I've managed to get enough models to start Bolt Action, and I've also added these to my Flames of War Panzerkompanie: a platoon of Hetzers and an infantry unit. I was tempted to get the mother of all support units, the ironically named Maus, but seeing as there are no rules for it in Fow that I know of, it wan’t bought...though I will probably grab the super-heavy monster at some point.

Both units are from Forged in Battle’s WWII range in 15mm. The Hetzers were incredibly simple to build, in a way a nice change from the more complex PSC tanks I've been getting used to. They do compromise the quality slightly, the tracks don’t look as good, and I think some of the tow-hooks on the front lower glasis broke off at some point. But I couldn't argue with the price, £19.50 for all four, cheaper than Battlefront, and since PSC doesn't make plastic Hetzers (yet…) these are probably the best value models out there.
I’ve finished painting these models in my standard mid/late-war scheme. These models also come with bases, so I need to get around to doing them eventually.

Next up, the infantry. I’ll be using this unit as a Walküre Platoon, though this may change if I manage to get some transports like half-tracks or trucks.

The blister pack came with enough to make this platoon, finish off my Battlegroup: Kursk infantry, and come with a number of models spare. The only thing it didn't come with were bases. Fortunately I was told about the true dimensions of FoW bases and made some of my own; cutting some shapes from thick plasticard, filing the corners round and bevelling the edges. Simple to make and will look fine once fully painted and completed.

Next up is the base these units and get them completed soon.