I recently acquired some more models and I've finally built as well as primed them.
As you can tell, I did a bit of a modeling job and this fellow to give him more of a commanding and unique presence on the table. I really like the look of the new models, but the kit was a bit extreme when trying to build it. I was impressed with how easy the Riptide was to build, but this kit was a little ridiculous.

The crouchy guy happens to be the Shas'ui and I most admit that these new pathfinders look marvelous compared to the old ones and the kit was one of my favorite ones to build. I was a little disappointed on the lack of differences between the leg poses, but they're all unique enough you really can't tell.

I haven't built any of the new drones yet, but I'm really excited to see that they included pieces to make shield and markerlight drones with both the Pathfinders and the Broadside. The old ones were looking pretty outdated compared to all of the new style of drones running around.