First off, I'd just like to say that Vallejo Game Colors are some of the BEST paints I've ever used. They really made painting really easy for me compared to my six year old, out of print, Citadel paints that I literally have to bath in water.

Here's my custom (well, just that one arm) poised Broadside Shas'vre. I painted him up a bit to look like a Fire Warrior Shas'ui to add a more cohesive feeling to the army. It's not done yet; I need to touch it up a bit and work on a few details here and there.

Here you can see the little, crashed gun drone that I was thinking about adding onto the base. Paint it up, add some sand on it to look like it crash landed and I think it would look really cool.

Only four of the fellas were actually based, a little bit, and the guy that has color on him was a test model. I was painting a few spots here and there that I was skeptical about painting like the Rotting flesh color around the hoof. So far, I like what I've done and I think I'll keep it up. Expect them to be done within the next month.