Before I let you know about my future projects I just want to have a quick update of what i have been doing in the last few weeks

First I had a very successful Worcester War tournament which I won! While I scored lots of points and tabled 1 opponent and nearly a second 2 of the 3 games were very close. My army was pretty well balanced and each unit did a good job over all. my disappointments were both Belial and the Librarian. Belial did not have any real punch. His sword is ok but only good against things with 3+ save or worse. All the tough stuff he would face (Dreadknights, Riptides and Wraithknights) all have a 2+ save so his sword doesn’t cut the mustard. Additionally all those will generally instant kill him. Looks like I will have to make a TH/SS version of him as at least that will have a bit more staying power and punch. The librarian’s problem was that his is too many points for a support character and not tough enough to lead a spearhead. I mainly took biomancy to try and get iron arm for himself or endurance for the tactical squad he was with. Not sure what I would change on the list if anything for future tournaments. a quick picture of my army:

Painting wise I have at alst finished painting a vindicator and a razorback. They have been painted to table top since 2009 but I had added some more yellow to them and painted all the details.

I am currently working on Pedro Kantor and Kor’sarro Khan. They are both nice models and will follow the paint scheme of my captain models, of a deep gold coloured armour. Khan will need a bike at some point to finish him off.

After this I am not sure what to do. I have a few models to finish off (a few more bikes to do, some squad leaders) but I have no real project to get on with. With the rumours of the new marine codex out in October I may just have to bide my time until then. I have a lot of terrain to sort out and that should be a bit of a priority….