Nick speaking,

Time to move my 'Super Phalanx' list up to 2000 points. I have had a lot of success with the 1750 point version, but now that my buddies and I have moved up to 2000 points, I need to beef it up a little. With the tactics locked and loaded for the army, I don't feel like I really need to make too many changes to the list, but with the original list not having any Elite choices, I thought that would be a nice way to build up the list. Enter my recently painted and hardly used Triarch Stalker...

I think the Stalker will fit in the list quite well, as the army has a reasonable amount of AV13 already, and sort of making the rest of the army twined linked, sounds good to me. I know it will probably be a priority target, and that is why I have gone for the Heavy Gauss Cannon as the preferred weapon. The range of the gun will mean I can maybe hide it a bit at the back of the army or behind terrain, trying to get a good arc of fire. The extra range over the more popular Melta option, will also give me a much lacked long range gun for the list as well.

With one less Warrior, I have about one hundred points left over and an obvious second Elites choice, Deathmarks! I will move the Veiltek Cryptek from the Immortal squad in the Night Scythe, to join a unit of five Deathmarks, and the list is done...
Necron Super Phalanx (v1)

1 x Necron Overlord/Warscythe/MSS/Weave/Labyrinth/Orb/Phase (225)
Royal Court:
1 x Cryptek/Abyssal Staff/Veil of Darkness (60)
1 x Cryptek/Voltaic Staff/Lighting Field (35)

7 x Necron Immortals/Gauss/Night Scythe (219)
5 x Necron Warriors/Ghost Ark (180
5 x Necron Warriors/Ghost Ark (180)
5 x Necron Warriors (65)
17 x Necron Warriors (221)

5 x Deathmarks (95)
1 x Trarch Stalker/Heavy Gauss Cannon (165)

6 x Wraiths/6x Whip coils (270)

1 x Annihilation Barge (90)
1 x Annihilation Barge (90)

1x Aegis Defence Line/Quad Gun (100) 

1995 points

Battle reports to follow...

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