At the beginning of the year I was hooked on the idea of building a gaming table. Of course life robs us of time and many dreams, but in the back of my mind I kept that one on life support. When I was looking around the terrain area of the Privateer Press forums and saw that PoppaBear, one of the gurus of the board, had created a master index of his terrain projects. Intrigued to see what projects I'd missed, I spent some time looking through all his stuff.

The first one on the page was his basic, portable terrain tables. I'd seen the thread when I first started Warmachine and was interested in terrain-making, but, again, life and its kleptomaniacal bent pushed it far from my thoughts. When I saw the table and read through the steps, it seemed like a good project to do with my father-in-law. Male bonding and whatnot, you know? Plus I need to make some DVD storage boxes for my wife, a Barbie house for my daughter, and... I suppose I could find some woodwork for my son so he feels included in my woodsmithing.

I sent him the link to see what he thought, and we decided to make this thing happen. Now as I've learned with my blogging challenge, I am more likely to get things done when I'm at risk for monetary or physical harm. Since I'm not willing to lose a finger for a table, I thought I'd take the other route and risk losing some money.

So here's the challenge to myself. If I don't get a table built, stained, and ready for play with a Zuzzy mat or some other kind of flat terrain by the end of the year, I will have a giveaway separate from my monthly one. The winner will get a selection of hills (which I'm slowly getting better with!) or a Warmachine/Hordes battlebox of their choice, fully painted and shipped to them. Of course all of this is barring any crazy circumstances - beheading, alien abduction, things like that which would make it rather difficult to finish the table.

But don't get too excited! You guys thought I'd be having weekly giveaways from missing my posts and here we are, August 18th and all I've had is a few close calls! So look forward to a "Here's what we did" post, and hopefully a few battle reports that take place on the table!

See you tomorrow!

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