TJ here dropping another of my Daemon Conversion Projects on you. I have been in conversion mode lately so I am working on things while that side of the inspiration is there and when the painting bug bites, I will have tons of great stuff to paint. Anyway, I wanted to do my own take on Fateweaver and I happened to have this model kicking around from a conversion I started last year in October ... well, with my new inspiration, I took it apart, re purposed it, added some new bits and wham, I have a Fateweaver I have nicknamed the Fly of Destiny, though my wife is calling him the Fairy Man, which I am sure will stick with my friends ... anyway, let's take a look at this guy in the early stages of this conversion.

So I made the robed bottom half using a core of foam with a rod of sprue running through it. I then covered that with a shell of Milliput and started to shape it to lay more like robes. That will take a little more work, but I am happy with the look so far. The head is actually the head from the Tomb Kings Necrosphinx (so is the Torso), but I sawed the upper half of the skull out, filled it in with Green Stuff and then added a Necron Wraith faceplate. I like how the bottom jaw's teeth line up with the plate to make him look buggy.

I also added some flames to one hand and really need to chop the middle finger off the other (I can't stand the stupid middle finger thing that weaseled its way into the Chaos line (what are we, 8 years old).

I like the wings better than anything draconian or Egyptian themed. The plague drone kit is one of those kits that just keeps on giving for converters and this is just the first example of the cool stuff I plan to bring out of it.

Overall, I am happy with the model so far. I have some clean up to do and I have a basing idea that will really blow you guys away (and me if I pull it off).

Here is that face up close. As always, feedback is appreciated, so let's hear what you think!